Thursday, October 22, 2009

Honda Europe Confirms Production of Civic Type R Mugen 240HP, 20 Examples Priced at £38,599 - $64,000

Honda Europe Confirms Production of Civic Type R Mugen 240HP, 20 Examples Priced at £38,599 - $64,000

As anticipated, Honda has given the green light for a limited production run of the Civic Type R Mugen hot hatch that was first revealed as a prototype model earlier this summer. Only 20 cars will be hand-built in the UK by Mugen's European division with prices set at £38,599 OTR, which comes to about $64,000 or €42,900 at the current exchange rates. Honda did not say whether all examples will be right-hand drive or if it will produce some left hand drive vehicles.

"Each Type R MUGEN will be an exclusive, hand-built race car for the road," said Hiroki Toyoda, Vice President of MUGEN EURO. "When we launched the Civic Type RR saloon in Japan, we sold out of all 300 units in just six minutes. Given the interest we have already had from car enthusiasts in the UK and abroad, we hope to repeat that achievement."

The hottest Type R hatch is based on the series production model but benefits from an array of upgrades. Mugen has thoroughly reworked the Type R's 2.0-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder engine with a modified intake system, new pistons, a reprogrammed ECU and a custom stainless steel exhaust system and airbox.

The result is a 20 percent power increase from 200HP to 240HP at a screaming 8,300 rpm (300 revolutions more than the stock engine) and a 10 percent boost in torque throughout the rev range. The four-cylinder engine's peak torque is up, from 142 lb-ft at 5,600rpm to 157 lb-ft at 6,250rpm.

Honda estimates that the Mugen Civic Type R will accelerate from zero to 62mph (100km/h) in 6.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 150mph or 241 km/h.

The extra grunt of the tuned engine is transferred to road through a six-speed manual gearbox and a limited slip differential, while grip and handling are claimed to be significantly improved through a completely revised suspension set-up, with custom-made springs and dampers.

Stopping power comes courtesy of bespoke four-piston mono-block racing brake callipers that sit under high-density, lightweight forged alloy wheels. According to the maker, these weigh just 7.85kg (17.3 lbs) each or 32 per cent less than the production wheel.

The Mugen-prepped hardcore Civic Type R also features an aerodynamic kit comprising of a large wing at the back of the car that promises to increase downforce at high-speeds, new front and rear skirts made out of composite materials. A new grille and the large twin tail pipes complete the exterior package while all cars will be painted in Honda's Championship White – the traditional racing colour of the brand.

Furthermore, buyers can opt for a 'Track Pack' that includes front Recaro bucket seats, removal of the rear seat bench with a composite blanking panel fitted to reduce weight, water and oil temperature/pressure gauges, data recording equipment, and a set of track-ready road-legal tires.

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