Friday, March 13, 2009

USD GT-S Passionata Concept

USD GT-S Passionata Concept

Functioning at the concluding production plannings for the USD Corvette Z03 project, Ugur Sachin Design released the 1st official photos of the latest USD GT-S Passionata concept. The name


Passionata refers to the dedicated passion which was utilized by Ugur Sachin to get his Ferrari Dino concept of 2007 to a realistic concept study to produce the ultimate design balance for Automotive Haute Couture.

USD GT-S Passionata is based on the Ferrari 599 Fiorano aluminium space frame chassis and mechanics. It is grand sport tourer that design language carries back the days of Ferrari’s iconic GT and 1960’s race cars.

The Passionata concept has been built up for the selcted customers who wish for a perfect blend of neo-classical body design and modem technologies as well as road performances.

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