Monday, June 23, 2008

Details : Renault’s Revival of the Alpine Sports Car

Renault’s Revival of the Alpine Sports Car

Renault declared late last year that they are planning the new Alpine sports car as a part of their goal of introducing 26 new prototypes to their lineup. The industry may take benefit of their association with the Nissan by placing the car on the smaller edition of the platform supporting a 350Z.

The Alpine car will be classed to fight against the Mazda MX – 5, however, not its larger, more powerful corporate cousin. By aiming the Alpine at the smaller, less powerful segment of a market, the industry hopes to maintain it efficient and affordable in terms of emissions and fuel.

The Alpine will produce about 220 horsepower from a 4-cylinder engine. Turbocharger would insert expense to car’s manufacturing, which could perform against industry’s low-price target. The RWD configuration and a 6-speed transmission are also supposed to be part of the bargain.More about Super Car Read more…

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