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BMW 645

BMW 645

Car Specifications:

Acceleration:5,6 sec.
Top speed:250 km/h.
Transmission:6 - speed manual
Design:4,4 litre V8 engine
Displacement:4398 cc
Maximum Bhp325 hp / 5500 rmp
Tires Front:n/a
Tires Back:n/a
Weight:1615 kg

BMW 645Ci Coupe

The BMW 645Ci Coupe is one half of the spectacular duo that makes up the BMW 6 Series, the other half is the convertible model. The 645Ci was crafted in Dingolfing, Germany, and made its debut at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show in September, while the car went into production in 2004. The 6 Series marks BMW’s comeback into the forum of luxury sport convertible and coupe business, and was designed and modeled at BMW Designworks in Los Angeles. The first venture into that particular market reveals an iconic coupe, of the original 6 Series from 1977-1989, that attention was given to because of elegance, pragmatic, and dynamic styling concepts. The current 6 Series keeps up this tradition with the same flowing lines, spacious interior, and harmonic surfaces, setting high standards for even their fellow future BMW models to uphold.

The BMW 645Ci has an intensified level of agility consistency when it comes to the free movement of the car, as the bodywork itself is considered to be smart lightweight physics, allowing for a higher level of driving comfort. The 6 Series agility is the outcome of the intelligent combination of steel, synthetic materials strategically placed all around the vehicle’s body, and aluminum. The front area is extensively lighter than it would have been had it been made with steel, due to the special lightweight construction. Other lightweight contributions to the BMW are the front fenders are made out of thermoplastic, the doors and the hood are all aluminum, and the trunk lid is made out of composite material. With the reduction of the all round weight, the car can now achieve a weight distribution at a perfect figure of 50:50, and helps intensively also on the fuel economy of the vehicle.

The 645Ci coupe surpasses the competition in its excellent measurement specifications: a wheelbase of 109.4in; a length of 190.2in; a width of 73in; and a height of 54.1in. Making the car very characteristic with the attributes of being low slung, long, and wide, very spacious inside, having a very low roofline, and being set back on its chassis. The 2+2 seater allows for free movement within the cabin itself, and also provides luggage compartment that is ample enough to fit a lot of items. These factors further help the vehicle establish a reputation of its own in the sportscar market that was familiar when the first Series 6 was around, it had its following, and so to will this newer series.

The car’s power source comes from one place and that’s through the 4.4 litre DOHC V8 engine, which made the BMW 745i very well known. The 4.4 litre outputs 325hp at 6,100rpm, and has a torque of 330lb-ft at 3,600rpm with the assistance of the ever changing factor the “VALVETRONIC” valve controller. The coupe can safely achieve a top speed of 149mph in one effortless action, and a faultless acceleration of 0-60mph in less than six seconds.

The transmission of the car consists of 3 different six speed options, in order to maximize the choices and performance tastes of its customers, and increase the communication of power between the rear wheels, and the engine. There is the traditional six speed manual transmission that is always ensured reliable performance, the six speed “Steptronic” automatic allowing the driver to shift manually if they chose, and six speed “Sequential Manual Gearbox” (SMG), featuring both the shift paddles and a gearshift lever on the steering wheel, which is similar to the Formula 1 cars.

The BMW 645Ci also comes standard with “BMW Driving Dynamic Control” (DDC), which sanctions the engine to an even higher level of instinctive reactions when driving by having a hold on steering in relation to speed on the road and environment, as well as permitting the SMG or automatic transmission to keep in gear for longer period of time, and also facilitating faster SMG shifts. All of these factors can be changed with the push of one button to enable the DDC.

The 645Ci is the perfect combination of luxury and performance and is just what BMW would ensure in all their cars, be its sports model or not. The new 6 Series coupe is a great candidate for carrying the lineage of the predecessors.

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